A few months ago I wrote a post on the work of Amicus-ALJ and their fight against the death penalty in the US. Amicus, along with several other organisations including Reprieve and Amnesty International are supporting a new project aimed at raising further awareness to issues surrounding the death penalty.

‘One For Ten’ is an online series of campaign films that will be produced and broadcast over five weeks between April and May 2013. During those five weeks, the film makers will travel the width of the US and interview ten individuals who have been freed from death row in order to demonstrate that for every ten people that have been executed, one person has been released from death row after spending an average of ten years in isolation. Driving from New York to California, they will film with a different exoneree every few days and produce a new short film for release online every Tuesday and Friday. To find out more about the project why not listen to what the film makers themselves have to say in this promo clip:

Also to get a taste as to what is in store I would encourage you all to watch the One For Ten pilot episode featuring Ray Krone. I first heard his shocking and unbelievable story while training with Amicus-ALJ a couple of years ago. For me to reiterate his story here would not do it justice so I leave it to the man himself and the team at One For Ten to tell it:

This is a very worthy project to support so please give generously here. I have, I hope you will too.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of the writer and this article does not constitute legal advice.