Starting university or law school with a hope of one day entering the legal profession can be both an exciting and nervous time for many of those considering entering a career in law. But what should young impressionable students expect before undertaking their studies? Well here are a selection of the best law school parody videos available on the internet today. Recent graduates, trainees, and fully qualified lawyers will quickly recognise many of the characters portrayed in these (not) Oscar and BAFTA nominated works of art. Young students please take the lessons you have learnt from these videos to heart, but do not take them into class. God knows I spent far too long searching for these some of the best (and worst) on YouTube this weekend when I damn well should have been editing and proofreading something else!

Every year Above The Law have a Law Revue video contest, in which there are winners and there are losers…although mostly losers. Congratulations go out to the students at West Virginia University College of Law, the winners of the Fifth Annual Law Revue Video Contest.

A personal favourite of mine from a couple of years back and made me seriously question my use of tabs in my law textbooks. Students you have been warned!

What can I Lawyer Style. I think I will just leave it to the genius who came up with the idea, Mr Tommy Chuang;

“After almost two and a half years of law school, I thought it was about time that I gave something back to the legal community. I actually wrote this two months ago, but due to tight schedules (goddamn law school), I wasn’t able to actually start filming it until recently. Anyway, this is ‘Lawyer Style’. Oh yeah, ‘University of Southampton ’13 represent’ and all that. Blah blah blah.”

With over 50,000 views on YouTube, 18,000-shared links on Facebook and appearing on multiple news sources, the music video parody “Davis State of Mind” has created quite a buzz. Alex Pacheco, a graduating student at UC Davis School of Law, came up with the idea of creating the video for the school’s annual talent show.

Want to know what a “gunner” is? And no I do not mean an Arsenal fan (they are awesome by the way). Well watch this public service information video to find out more.

Gunners eh? Love ’em, hate ’em, might as well dance with ’em.

Umm…well it was a nice idea ladies.

It is unlikely that you will ever find a law professor as cool as in this next clip who can link the wonderful tones or Blink-182 to his experiences as a law school student. Of course if anyone has video of another professor acting equally as cool then please do send it in.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed all of those videos. If you are a prospective law student some of the above may have flown over your head. If you are a current law student I have probably just taken you away from you studying which was naughty of both of us. If you are a qualified lawyer I am sure you are now smiling while reminiscing about all those great times at law school especially if you were a gunner *shakes fist in your direction*.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in the above works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Although we all know they damn well exist.